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What exactly ERP is?

Enterprise resource planning software or ERP integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different departments' particular needs.

ERP vanquishes the old standalone computer systems in finance, HR, manufacturing and the warehouse, and replaces them with a single unified software program divided into software modules that roughly approximate the old standalone systems. Finance, manufacturing and the warehouse all still get their own software, except now the software is linked together so that someone in finance can look into the warehouse software to see if an order has been shipped.

It helps in assessing the performance of different teams and identifying the loose ends in the system. This helps management in taking timely corrective measures.

ERP allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, best utilization of company's manpower and reduced maintenance and overheads.

The objective is to make the entire operations of the company system driven, rather then personnel driven.

Key Features

  • ABC ERP is an enterprise solution committed to maximize potential of an enterprise by creating a perfect mix of manpower, Equipment and resources to capitalize on opportunities.
  • ABC ERP can help you achieve cutting down costs, time and waste by streamlining your operations and better utilizing your assets
  • ABC ERP helps you to boost your productivity and thereby profits.
  • ABC ERP is a business solution that is easy to customize & implement.
  • ABC ERP is especially designed for small and medium size companies seeking a single solution for all its operations.
  • ABC ERP runs on C# & dot Net, by far the most reliable and trusted platform worldwide.
  • ABC ERP supports MS SQL, MS Server and Oracle.
  • ABC ERP is tailor made for the Indian environment by a team of Highly skilled and Experienced Techno-Commercial Professionals
  • ABC ERP Is Really Enterprisingly Effective


  • With the successful implementation of ERP, You can have a consolidated picture of sales, inventory and receivables any time as data entered in a particular transaction updates all areas of business at one go. This enables the management to take a top-down view of the operations and take decisions based on real-time data.
  • A major benefit accruing to Customers has been the optimisation of stocks of critical items. Thanks to this, the company can view transactional history at an item level and analyse consumption and procurement patterns.
  • Since the whole system is centralised , customers will be able to track inventory levels on a daily basis, including inventory in transit and future consignments to be received. This visibility shall enable the company to control its working capital requirements to a great degree. The success of the ERP solution can be seen from the fact that it has helped the companies to achieve an impressive 24 percent reduction in working capital requirements in a short span of four months. Additionally, it has achieved a 26 percent reduction in inventory levels at all its branch locations.
  • With MFG/PRO in place, a lot of manual processes have been automated, and have helped to reduce human error and improve accuracy . More importantly, the company has been able to re-allocate personnel to other value-added activities. Manpower requirements in the operations and logistics department have been reduced from 25 to 10 people, which translate to a significant 60 percent reduction.
  • One more critical factor which the ERP system has helped in monitoring is a debtor's position , very relevant in today's scenario where payment defaults are astronomically high. This facility has resulted in better returns on working capital, and has contributed to approximately 15 percent net savings.

Why Us

ABC ERP Vs International ERP packages »

  • International ERP has multiple pre-defined procedures / methods for every activity. User has to study all of those procedures and if you are lucky, you will find at least one procedure suitable to you. If not, you will have to make do with nearest suitable method / procedure.

    This is not case with ABC ERP , as we have developed solutions for Indian industry/ users; therefore there is no question of finding suitable method. Methods provided are suitable. As ABC ERP keeps separate switches each industry, it is possible to customize only for specific industry.
  • In international ERP solutions, customization is done for you by outside consultants and original software vendor is not aware of it. Thus migration to higher version is not possible as customization done for you is not available in higher versions or it may not work with higher version.

    That is not the case with ABC ERP as, ABC Info Solutions alone does all customization and hence it keeps track of all customization done for you and it will again come to you in new version / Updates or upgrades also.
  • International ERPs are OVER KILLs for it provides for large redundancies in every activity. It creates unnecessary inertia at the time of implementation. International ERP's are elaborate / extensive.

    ABC ERP is lean and compact.
  • In case of International ERPs implementation, schedules are longer (in years) and Implementation costs are 5 to 10 times which comes out to some crores.

    Implementation time for ABC ERP is in months and the cost involved can be 1/5th to 1/10th. This ensures faster returns on investments.
  • India specific needs e.g. EXCISE automation, TDS automation, Taxation automation; Sub-contractor etc are in-built in ABC ERP. In case of International ERP's it would need to be customized. This would result into patchwork utilities being written by outside agencies and the purpose of integration is lost. Cost will be Exorbitant. It also reduces efficiency of program and further additional data entry required to be done.
  • Option of appropriate platform for remote locations with seamless integration to main server.
  • Fewer Hardware resources required
  • Powerful DRILLDOWN Zoom-In-Zoom-Out-Query
  • Reduction in permanent recurring costs, eg. A.M.C., up grades etc
  • A matured ‘Business Logic' for Indian Industries evolved & enriched over the last 12 years and with 200+ installations.
  • Investments only in the modules selected, not like international ERP's you use only 30-40% of total investments


  • In case of in-house/out soured software, projects be aware that you are going to incur heavy cost on time, and also on the trial & error methodology involved. Even the focus is only on today's requirements, which leads to automation of existing practices (it need not be the ideal/best business practices).
  • ABC Info Solutions offers you a mature ERP solution evolved & enriched over the last 15 years. ABC ERP is a set of business rules integrated proactively. Implementation experience at 200 plus locations all over India has made ABC ERP ideal business logic for Indian Industries'.
  • There is always 80: 20 syndrome. 80 % of development time takes 20% of total time and balance 20% (which is real perfection) takes 80 % of the time.
  • In case of ABC ERP 90-95% of your requirements gets satisfied with the ready software, balance 5-10% only may be required modifications for you and that too on outer non-core areas.
  • Customized solutions inherently carry risk of not seeing light of the day for several reasons viz. People working on the projects may quit or people who are working from your side may quit. Where as when you buy ready product and start using it in weeks time.


The various modules of ABC ERP are

  Marketing Management (CRM)

This module provides various tools of marketing for the organization to get complete information regarding the conversion of an enquiry into a sale

  Purchase Management

Purchase order processing simplifies item and vendor selection, reducing costly errors and increasing productivity while providing management with information required in making intelligent decisions.

  Inventory Management

ERP provides the controls and confidence necessary to reduce material inventory

  Production Management

The Production module is designed specifically to enhance operating efficiency of process manufacturers.

  Sales Management

Sales module provides tremendous versatility, control, and power over sales and order entry policies.

  Financial Accounting

Complete Financial Accounting linked with the ERP Chain. You get online accounting of all revenue generated along with expenses incurred.

 Project Management

Project Management is designed with the goal to satisfy the standard estimating, scheduling and job costing requirements of most construction companies, as well as developers. With this program one need not spend hours trying to calculate construction estimating costs and produce professional, accurate reports.

 Contractor Management

Contractor Management is designed with the goal to satisfy the standard estimating, scheduling and job costing requirements of most construction companies, as well as developers. With this program one need not spend hours trying to calculate construction estimating costs and produce professional, accurate reports.

 Job Work Management

Job Work Module covers all the details for Job Work Received and Issued and also maintains client stock for the material received and issued against Job Work.


C & C Constructions Ltd.

AMR Infrastructure Ltd.

ABA Builders Ltd
(Meriton Group)

Earth Infrastructure Ltd.

Parkview Ltd. (Jaipuriya Group)
Bhaskar Housing Development Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Indian Global Group

Neelkanth Town Planners Pvt. Ltd.

Dwarkadhis Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Ozone Propex Pvt. Ltd.

County Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
VXL Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Ninex Developers Ltd.
RMS Group
ARN Infrastructure Ltd.
Shaurya Housing Ltd.
Sovereign GEMS Hospital
Sant Parmanand Hospital
QRG Central Hospital & Research Centre
Noida Medicare Centre Ltd.
Majeeedia Hospital
Sunder Lal Jain Hospital
UMKAL Hospital
Prakash Hospital

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