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What exactly
Bhoomi is?

A complete integration of system across departments in a Real Estate Organization. It manages not only multiple Projects, their Pre-launch, Launch, Customer Support, Payment Schedules, Reminders, etc but also it integrates all the departments in a company in such a manner that facilitates efficient intra-organizational communication.

Bhoomi ?

At present the different departments have different systems devised to meet their particular requirements. Bhoomi integrates them into a single database  providing real time data across applications throughout the organization. Since all the data is centrally stored, it can be viewed simultaneously from multiple terminals giving all departments' access to timely, up-to- date information. This integrated approach will payback enormously in the growth of your real estate company.

It helps in assessing the performance of different teams and identifying the loose ends in the system. This helps management in taking timely corrective measures.

Bhoomi allows for scalability, reliability, efficient data processing, quick decision making, best utilization of company's manpower and reduced maintenance and overheads.

The objective is to make the entire operations of the company system driven, rather then personnel driven. With the rapid growth of infrastructure sector in India , the real-estate companies are facing enormous pressure in retaining specialized manpower. Bhoomi ensures uninterrupted working of the operations, even in such high mobility environment.

Salient Features of

  • Manages Multiple Companies & Projects.

  • Designed to Explore the Units sold/available/on-hold as per the client’s preferences. Direct entry to booking form from availability status screen.

  • Comprehensive Customer Information (Individuals & Non-Individuals). Specific Information about Clients like Income Profile, Investor/ End user, Nominee, D.O.B, Anniversary Date, Contact Persons, etc for individuals and Corporate clients which can be very useful for database building & Customer Care.

  • Rule based Pricing - The Pricing for various Units/Unit Types/PLC etc can be defined for different durations.

  • Rates can be defined as per the Payment Plan Type, Floor wise or Floor Unit Type wise.

  • Multiple Payment Plans according to their types (Construction Linked, Down Payment, Time Linked Plans) for Basic, PLC and additional Services based on predefined as well as undefined dates.

  • Payment Plans are Customizable for individual customers at Booking Stage.

  • Complete Dealer Database. Provision to define multiple Brokerage & payment slabs for varying durations as well as for different payment plans.

  • Option to define Multi level Dealers Hierarchy and their overwriting brokerage.

  • Employees Incentive Records. Provision to give incentives to company employees, on the bookings made by them or dealers associated with them.

  • Flexible Discount options by the company as well as dealers. Dealer’s discount is adjusted with their brokerage payable.

  • Facility to define Different Discount Types that may be given at any stage of the project with an option to decide its effect thereafter.

  • Discount Payment Plans. Discounts can be adjusted as per the payment Plan opted or can be adjusted on  any particular occasion.

  • Fully compliant with Service Tax Provisions. Each service charge can be defined as different payable percentage (25% or 100% or Nil) of the total charge amount and will be levied accordingly.

  • Service Tax is auto Calculated on the due amount as on its effective Date (1st July 2010) and the due amounts are made due on each charge as per different occasions/ Payment Schedule opted by the customer.

  • Receipts Auto Calculation. Service Tax is automatically calculated on reverse basis on the total amount paid by the customer in every receipt and every charge.

  • Bifurcation of Basic Cost into Land & Construction Cost depending upon the Land Area.

  • Sales Tax Provisions: The  Sales tax on Construction Cost can be auto calculated wherever applicable.

  • Checklists Detailed checklist of all pre-requisites and documents required before carrying out any transaction.

  • Acknowledgements - All cheques received, are acknowledged first and the receipt is generated only after the clearance of cheque.

  • Various Alerts for Bounced Cheques to concerned executives and subsequently to the customer.

  • Auto Payment Reminder Alerts as per different payment schedules.

  • Auto Email notifications for various occasions.

  • Multiple, User defined Letter formats with Mail Merging provision for all kind of Documents.

  • Computerised Provisional Allotment of units based on client’s preference and availability of unit.

  • Auto Interest Calculation for delayed payments after the grace period, which can be levied flexibly as per the company policy.

  • Interest Calculation can be done on Simple/Compound interest(Quarterly/ half yearly/ yearly). Also option to charge differential interest rates as per slab.

  • Payable Interest calculation. If a customer pays the installment on or before the due date, we can give him interest/ discount on that as per the company policy on any particular installment without affecting the basic cost.

  • Assured Return can be applied to the customers as per the policy and advance cheques for a financial year can be issued.

  • Option to waive the interest applicable for a client for any occasion in percentage or amount.

  • Fund Transfer facility from one booking to another within or across the projects.

  • Dealer Bills & Payment Adjustments. Dealer’s payments can be adjusted to any booking amount.

  • TDS & Service Tax. TDS and Service Tax are applicable on Dealer Bills as well Payments as per the Government Norms.

  • Manages Multiple Transfers of unit with detailed history of transferors and transferees.

  • Thoroughly defined Cancellation process where the bookings are first marked under cancellation and then cancelled or revoked as per the discussion with the customer.

  • Option to Buyback unit from the customer against premium.

  • Various other Transactions like Refund, Debit Notes & Credit Notes as applicable to Clients and Dealers.

  • CRM Module to handle all the interaction and payment reminder communication with the clients along with strong follow-up provisions.

  • Generates Hundreds of MIS Reports designed in such a manner that you can have the same information in many formats, sizes, fields and output methods.

  • Key Reports available across various Projects for sales, collection, expenditure, Outstanding etc.

  • Comprehensive Financial Accounting module linked with the entire chain of real estate transactions.

  • All revenue entries are transferred automatically from various modules. Just enter the expense vouchers and the accounts are complete up to balance sheet.

  • User defined multiple Cost Centers, Ledger Groups & Accounts.

  • Vendors Outstanding and other relevant Information readily available.

  • Comprehensive & Project wise Balance Sheet, Expenses and Revenue details.

  • Comprehensive Marketing Module that handles all enquiries, source of origin, follow- ups and their conversion analysis.

  • Provision to Rate Potentiality of a customer by the executive on a defined scale. This ensures follow up on priority for the highly potential customer.

  • Start working Instantly, Import your Project data and existing Bookings, Receipts, Payments and Dealer Bills from excel format to Bhoomi.


Other Features of Bhoomi

  • Fully Menu driven and highly user friendly.

  • Quick pick menu for frequently used features.

  • Very flexible, in conformation with the requirements of real estate industry.

  • Highly secured, strict user role base access.

  • Designed for Faster and accurate data entry.

  • All reports are available in Ms Word, MS Excel, Windows as well as HTML format.

  • All Reports available for any flexible duration, User, Payment mode, Department, etc.

  • Authorization for discounts by competent authority only.

  • Design your own format for receipts and reminders.

  • Bird's Eye view of availability status and accounts.

  • Unlimited level of Grouping of ledgers, Items & Cost Centers.

  • Provision to specify a unique Prefix for all transactions & vouchers in every project.

  • Extensive Search Option to extract information on any given parameter throughout the Data.

  • Reports designed to suit laser printer and A4 size.

  • Single database across all modules that obviates the cumbersome process of exporting or importing data from one database to another.

Modules of


  Sales Module

  Marketing Management Module

  Financial Accounting

  Store & Inventory

  Project Management

  Contractor Management

  Lease & Maintanance


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AMR Infrastructure Ltd.

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Earth Infrastructure Ltd.

Parkview Ltd. (Jaipuriya Group)
Bhaskar Housing Development Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Indian Global Group

Neelkanth Town Planners Pvt. Ltd.

Dwarkadhis Projects Pvt. Ltd.

Ozone Propex Pvt. Ltd.

County Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.
VXL Realtors Pvt. Ltd.
Ninex Developers Ltd.
RMS Group
ARN Infrastructure Ltd.
Shaurya Housing Ltd.
Sovereign GEMS Hospital
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